Healthy Options “Believe” Campaign

When you choose to eat healthy, it won’t be just your body thanking you for making the right choice.

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GSK “Bi.Li.S. Labanan ang Rabis” Rabies Vaccine Awareness Campaign

While most rabies campaigns focused on responsible pet ownership, we focused on responsible self-protection.

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GSK “Your Time Could Extend His Time” COPD Awareness Stunt

Even though Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is killing off fathers in the Philippines, these dads still won’t make time to get themselves checked for the disease. So we convinced their kids instead.

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Enfa A+ Gentlease Rorsh*t

When dozens of medical representatives fight every day for a few precious seconds of attention from doctors, how did our team get doctors to listen to them talk about sh*t? By getting them to talk sh*t first.

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GSK “Win Against Asthma” Campaign

Many asthma sufferers think the way they’re currently living with asthma is as good as it gets. But we thought different and showed them why they should be thinking differently too.

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Flanax “Naks! Nag-Flanax!” Campaign

Getting older is no fun…when you have joint pain. Here’s how we made sure people knew Flanax could keep you enjoying youthful pleasures.

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